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WTF - they have these wonderful inventions called envelopes :D Use one next time?

Now, for the record, I ordered from Jewellery Maker - here - and usually they're pretty good.

Packages arrive on time, people on the phone know what they're talking about, and very rarely do I ever have an issue with them. But this kind of thing threw me.

I ordered a fifty pound gift card to give to my mother, and then this happened.

For ONE small envelope with a gift card and inventory sheet, they gave me a huuuuuuge bubble wrap bag and a maaassive plastic bag to wrap it all in. The bag and bubble wrap are as long as my arm  when, I kid you not, the actual gift is smaller than my hand. It's not breakable at all. There isn't even a plastic card in there - it's just a bit of printed paper.

Not a bad service and I'm not saying it is but it was a WTF moment for me. The whole thing could have fitted inside a normal business envelope and been here in half the time, and half the price for postage too. I paid £2.95 for that.

I'm just a little confused. But hey, I have bubble wrap now. Popping time. :D
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