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Safeway and the snotty cashier

This happened almost 5 years ago, when I was 16, but it still pisses me off to this day. I was at a Safeway grocery store, has misplaced my debit card, and was in need of some cash to purchase gas. I wrote a check and asked the cashier if I could write the check for $5 dollars over (I'd done it before, at that store, but I always ask to be nice). Here's how the conversation went:

Cashier: You can only write it for 10 dollars over.
Me: Oh, ok well I only want to write it for 5 over, so that's ok?
Cashier: You need to have 3 good checks in the system before you can write checks over here!
Me: I think I've written more than that here so I should good...
Cashier (interrupting me): AND I need to see 2 forms of ID!
(at this point I was getting annoyed because of his snotty attitude, and the fact that I'd never EVER been asked for 2 forms of ID. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt)
I give him my driver's license and school ID.
Cashier: I can't accept this school ID. It has to be government issued ID.
Me: Ok well I've written a lot of a checks here before and no one has asked me for 2 forms of ID before.
Casher: Well I can't accept this. Beside, how do I know if you've written more than 3 checks here?
Me: The computer?
Cashier: You don't look old enough to have written that many checks anyway.

At this point I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere and I was getting embarassed since there were people in line behind me. I paid (with a check that went though just fine) and drove home with almost no gas. I was angry enough to complain to management later, but it just infuriated me since this cashier just thought I was some punk kid. I didn't go back to Safeway for almost a year because of that.

(I also realize that maybe his demands were company policy [not the ID part though] but he was so freaking rude about it I felt like I was on trial or something).
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