jakie_em (jakie_em) wrote in bad_service,

did I just read that right?

I am not sure what to make my next response in this conversation

for the background, on monday I lodged a line fault with Telstra, who have a virtual monopoly on fixed line phones in australia. monday afternoon it was closed without anyone looking at the fault. he fault is relatively minor, a hum on the line, but I want it fixed. it could also be the trigger for other issues I am experiencing with the line so once it is ruled out then we can go to the next step.

tuesday or wednesday I re-lodge the fault. I am not happy about doing this because it means they get an extra day as part of their service level agreements (legislatively enforced) to fix it but the girl in Manilla tells me she cannot re-open the fault. because i am annoyed at the inability to reopen the first fault, i lodge a formal complaint through their website.

thursday I got a text telling me the fault was closed

despite this, today a tech came to my house. we discovered that the noise appeared to be radio frequency noise. a number of others on my street are experiencing it. people on the street up from me have blockers of some sort on their line to get rid of the noise. he cant put one on, but he said he would get a tech out that could.

fantastic. awesome! best service I have had from telstra thus far, and I decided to tweet them to tell them. this is the conversation that ensured:

twitter telstra 1
twitter telstra 2

I am not sure how to respond to their last tweet. they basically said 'sorry for setting reasonable expectation for you, we are too incompetent for that so you will just have to wait a frustratingly long time for us to make up more excuses for our poor service'. I translated that right, right?
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