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Comcast can't wait even a day before screwing up

I recently moved to a new area (Atlanta suburbs) and now I only have Comcast as a choice for cable TV. The errors started from the time of ordering when they offered an alternative shipping address for my cable box so it wouldn't be sitting outside my new apartment for weeks and promised a shipping confirmation. A few days before my move I realized I had received neither and called their customer "service" line only to be told that equipment could ONLY be shipped to the service address and that I was already being charged for service as the item had been marked delivered by the courier! I asked for and received a credit for service I would not use.

Once I arrived at my apartment I found my cable box inside where the maintenance staff had placed it after it was left at my door a week before. Self installation was simple and straightforward. Soon I noticed I wasn't receiving some regular cable channels such as HGTV, HLN, TBS, ABC Family and ESPN despite having the "Preferred" package. My premium channels and free HBO were coming up normally, but the missing channels were not in the onscreen Guide and would just be skipped when attempting to changing to them. These seemingly random channels were available On Demand.

Hoping this would be a simple fix (HA!) I called Comcast. Four separate representatives tried to reset my cable box at least six times over three days without any improvement. One went as far as to lie and say that those channels simply weren't available in my area. Fed up I went to the local office and stood in line for 45 minutes to address my problem in person. The rep confirmed I should be receiving all those channels and gave me a lineup brochure confirming it. The rep gave me a new box after only initially offering shipping one to me for $10 or having a tech out for $50! I switched out the boxes and no there was no change in my lineup.

Finally fed up and feeling taken advantage of I gave in and agreed to pay for "line protection" so I wouldn't be charged a $50 service call if Comcast decided their programming issues was my fault. It felt like extortion. The very polite technician came on a Sunday morning and figured out the box was not programmed for my region in under 10 minutes. He made a call to tech support and had a correct signal sent which fixed the problem. he told me if it happened again to tell tech support to send a "B1 hit" to the box. I had all my channels for 24 hours when they disappeared again the next morning. When I called tech support they hadn't a clue what I was talking about and reset the box multiple times. Finally they informed me the box was broken and I needed a tech out again.

This is clearly a programming issue and I'm ready to tear my hair out trying to find someone who can fix it permanently. The only remotely helpful person was the at-home technician. I have another appointment Wednesday morning, but after this week I start a new job and won't have all this time to fix Comcast's screw ups.


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