Myrren (myrren) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service or...?

I want to get opinions on something that happened over the summer.  I originally posted about on a customer suck website, but I got a snotty private message that it was more bad_service on mine and my bosses part (If this isn't allowed feel free to delete it).

Over the summer my boss banned some regular guests at our pub/hotel because they consistently made a huge mess of their room (Cosmetics/Tea/Wine stains all over the bed linen and the mattress underneath as well as dog hair despite being told dogs were not allowed to sleep on the beds without its own cover, stains on the carpet from dog food and worse which this time resulted in the carpet needing to be replaced, drinks spilled on wooden furniture and left to stand so it soaked in the grain, and as at least one of them was constantly in the room I wasn't allow in to clean every day), had screaming great arguments both in their room and in public areas in the pub which bothered other guests and they would complain, playing loud music in their room whenever they felt like it regardless of the time, throwing food out of their window 'for the birds' despite being asked not to do so as it could attract vermin and it landed in a public area and looked terrible, and one of the couple spending a lot of time drinking in the pub alone and attaching herself to other customers without being invited and being very rude if she didn't like what they were talking about, as well as being rude to staff if she felt they didn't give her exactly what she wanted.  This had happened every time they stayed up to a point, but this time it was far, FAR worse.

Thing is, one of the couple turned out to have Parkinson's Disease, which I am led to believe can affect behavior which could explain the screaming great rows and the latching onto other customers, and the other lady was her carer as well as her partner.  And as I had said this in my other post I was told that I was very intolerant and should have just done my damn job and the ladies had done nothing wrong. 

Do you think we were intolerant?  I didn't think we were as  we tried to talk to them about the problems we had and were ignored.  And as a part time carer (my mum has MS, is wheelchair bound and I cared daily for her until my dad retired), if my mum has an accident and makes a mess we make sure I clean up the best I can.  It took over 4 hours to get the room into a state where it could be rented out again, but some stains didn't come out very well and one of the chests of drawers had to be sanded down and re finished due to spillages soaking into it.  Our linen service claimed the duvet cover was stained permanently and we were charged for it. 

Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated as I do worry about it.
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