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Comcast suck.

I've used Comcast for both TV and Internet for over a decade and have always gotten excellent service from their customer service folks. Sadly, that streak has been resoundingly broken.

ETA: Sorry about the HTML fail, I don't post much any more. :)

The Players:

Roommate J, whose name the Comcast account is in, but who is rarely home as she is a med student and spends all her time at the hospital
Roommate M, who is alwayshome and whose law school studies require that she have steady reliable Internet access at home (exams, etc.)
greenlily (me), recreational Internet user

The Suck:

About a month ago, I noted that it was taking forever for Internet sites to load on my computer. I figured this was because I had a billion tabs open, closed some of them, and hoped for the best.

Roommate M then notified me that she had been kicked offline multiple times, and had therefore called Comcast. This was Service Call #1. Service Call #1 was interrupted by several rounds of wait-on-hold-for-20+-minutes-then-get-disconnected. When Roommate M finally got hold of a human being, she was told that she wasn't authorized to do anything with the account. This was not true, as Roommate J had called Comcast earlier this year to authorize both Roommate M and me. Roommate M called Roommate J, got authorized, and was finally able to complete Service Call #1. It resulted in Service Visit #1, at which Service Tech #1 replaced the modem.

No luck, Roommate M was still getting kicked offline. She called Comcast again. Service Call #2, Service Visit #2. Service Tech #2 said problem was router, replaced router. We then had no wireless at all.

Roommate M called Comcast again (Service Call #3). She reported the problem to Phone Guy, who said that Service Tech #2 could not possibly have hooked us up with a new router, as Service Techs do not carry routers with them on service calls. Phone Guy implied that Service Tech #2 had hooked some random piece of equipment into our electronics system, just to get Roommate M to back off.

Roommate M purchased new router from Target. She plugged it in and the wireless didn't work. She called Comcast again (Service Call #4) and had the tech guy walk her through all the tests, re-setting the router, etc. It still did not work. Service Call #4 ended with arranging Service Visit #3, scheduled for 3 pm on a Saturday. Meanwhile, Roommate M has plugged the modem directly into her computer, which means she now has Internet service but I do not.

On the Saturday when Service Visit #3 was planned, Comcast called Roommate M at 1 pm. She was in the bathroom and didn't answer her phone; the missed message showed up on her phone as an unknown number with no message, so she didn't call back. Service Visit #3 didn't show up.

Roommate M called Comcast again (Service Call #5) and was told that since Comcast had called her and she hadn't answered, they (Comcast) had canceled Service Visit #3. Roommate M hit the roof. Comcast finally promised to send a tech that same afternoon (we will call this Service Visit #3a). Surprise surprise, Service Visit #3a never showed up either.

At this point, I offered to take a hand in the matter, to give Roommate M a break, as she was at the end of her rope and we still had no wireless. (Roommate M, you will remember, has Internet service via the modem plugged into her computer. Me, nothing.)

December 24: I phoned Comcast. Scheduled Service Visit #4 for morning of Dec 27.
Dec 26, evening: I found out from Roommate M that she would not be home on morning of Dec 27 and that she didn't want service call to happen while she wasn't home, since she wanted to be there to check that she still had Internet access after whatever Service Visit #4 did.
Dec 26, evening: I phoned Comcast. I canceled Service Visit #4 for Dec 27. I scheduled Service Visit #4a for morning of Dec 28 (today).
Dec 28: Service Visit #4a did not show up.

I phoned Comcast. You guessed it: They had a record that the Dec 27 service visit had been canceled, but no record that a new visit had been scheduled for Dec 28.


Anyways, a new service visit (we are now on Service Visit #5) is scheduled for tomorrow, Dec 29. I suspect that either a. they will not show up or b. whoever shows up will be unable to figure out why the wireless does not work and WE WILL NEVER HAVE WIRELESS AGAIN AAAAAIIIIEEEEEE!

okay, maybe I am being a little melodramatic about that. :)

Frankly, there is a lot of Roommate Suck here as well. I strongly suspect that Roommate M has not behaved with 100% awesomeness. I should probably have insisted she let me take a hand sooner, because our Comcast file probably now has "Angry upset customer, say whatever you have to in order to get her off the phone" scrawled all over it.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that the most recent failure to reschedule a service visit would be bad service in and of itself. I devoutly hope that they will keep tomorrow's appointment. Wish me luck.
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