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Best Buy

My aunt bought me season one of Big Bang Theory which I already own, along with seasons two through five. Thankfully she included the gift receipt so off I go to exchange it for store credit. Turns out to be easier said then done.
CSP: Yeah you can grab what you want instead
Me: Uh I really didn't see anything I wanted online or the last time I came.
CSP: Well look around for a bit and come back
Me: But I'm not sure how much store credit I'll get
CSP: Hang on. (a few minutes later) you got 26.99 go browse
Me: (as hes walking away) But I'd rather just get store credit for another day

So awkwardly standing there I go browse, shockingly enough not finding anything I wanted. So having wasted twenty minutes I get back in line to try my luck at store credit again. Thankfully the woman listens and gives me store credit. Honestly though the first guy's attitude makes me not want to go back and the next closest store is roughly ninety minutes from my house. Will probably end up giving the card to my step dad since he does shop there. Still debating filing a complaint online.

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