Fortifarse (fortifarse) wrote in bad_service,

Not sure why this is your business...

So my roommate and I frequent a certain Walgreens near our apartment. She has been my best friend for over ten years and, to an untrained eye, would appear to be a couple. We'd probably make a great one as well, escept we both happen to like the boys.

Anyways, yesterday I was out alone and swung by the Walgreens to grab some cigs. The cashier was one I have had quite often, but today as I'm checking out she motions closer in like she's got a secret. She then proceeds to whisper to me that she "saw my girlfriend in here with another guy, arm around him and giving him kisses, and they bought condoms together". I proceeded to inform her that a.) This wasn't my girlfriend, b.) We both have men in our lives, c.) And even if we were together she had no damn place saying anything to me anyways. Seriously, there's so many things wrong wth her saying this to someone. What if I were a violent person? Or it was an open relationship? Or we just broke up but I was still upset? Regardless, this was major overstepping and I plan on contacting the manager tomorrow.
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