shanacat (shanacat) wrote in bad_service,

One way to lose a customer

Today I went to a Sears that I used to work at 10 years ago. The store has remodeled since I worked there. I was shopping with my mom who is physically handicapped and we were looking for clothes specifically meant for her, which we couldn't find. I finally found an employee (cue script):
Me: excuse me, I am looking for the plus size women's dept.
Employee: well, you used to work here so maybe you could help yourself.
Me: yes, I did work at Sears but I never worked in women's. but now I am glad I no longer work here.
I then walked away.

I did kinda fine what I was looking for, but is that any way to talk to a customer, even if they did work in the store at one point?

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Tags: bizzaro, enough said? not really, omg this like totes happened you guys!
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