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Minor Landlord Bad Service

So, today, my landlord came to the house in order to show an empty room to prospective tenants.

I saw him in the kitchen, literally about ten minutes before these people arrived and there had been no emails and no text messages or phone calls to let us know. Fair enough, he's allowed to do that. He asked if he could show people around mine and a fellow house mate's rooms to give an idea of what these new people could expect.

She said yes.

I said no.

My room is a mess, there's stuff out I didn't want people to see, and I'm under no obligation to let anyone in my room unless there's a major risk such as fire or leaky pipes or there's been 24 hours reasonable notice. Neither was true in this case.

From my little rules thing that we were given when we moved in.

1.9 Landlord’s right to inspect
To allow the Landlord, or anyone who has the Landlord’s permission, to do any of the
following at any reasonable time after giving reasonable notice:

To read the meters;
To test fire alarms and emergency lighting;
To inspect each Tenant’s room at least once a term;,
To inspect the Property;
To show other possible tenants or buyers around the Property;
To carry out any work on the Property or on any adjoining premises which the
Landlord owns or occupies.

And then he went upstairs, showed Mel's room to the people, and then MY room. I SAID NO. NO MEANS NO.

I know he didn't mean anything by it but it was TEN MINUTES ago. If I had known they were coming, I would have tidied up, retrieved the hoover and sent that around. But he didn't and I couldn't!

It just really stressed me out, and I had to pace and now I'm just all tied up and nervous inside thanks to having people peer into my room while I a) wasn't there and b) hadn't prepared for it.

Odd Coloured Mammal: Landlord asks to show my room, I say no, rules back me up, he does it anyway. I pace.

To clarify: I have some conditions which make both keeping tidy and allowing people in my private space hard. I need the warning to make sure everything's okay, and that I'm mentally prepared for it. 

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