lookslikelolita (noodles84) wrote in bad_service,

Doc in the Box

Right now, I have no health insurance but I had a cough that going on for a month now.

So logged on to Doc in the Box website and requested an appointment. They say they will be with in an hour with your appointment time. I waited two hours with no reply.

Because at heart Doc in the Box is a walk in clinic I said forget it and just went in. I was greeted promptly and was told to fill out some paperwork. Then I was told it would be $120 today because I did not have insurance. This sounded about right.

I waited in the waiting for about 15 minutes. Then was taken into a room where I waited another 20 minutes. The doctor came in and ask me three questions, listened to my breathing and declared that I have allergies. Gave two scripts and sent me on my way. My service here was okay but not great.

Yesterday I got a bill for $187 for my appointment because my insurance didn't cover it. First, I did tell the staff that I didn't have insurance. Secondly, I had no tests done or additional care. I am annoyed with this surprise bill and I will talking to the Doc in the Box.

RESOLVED: I paid the $120 at the time at the visit. I did call and they could not give me a reason why I was sent a bill. They said that they would settle it with the billing group and that some type of error.
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