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A Side of Snide...Free With Every Purchase

One of the posts below reminded me of the service that I received at a store that I frequented on a regular basis.

The store itself? Wonderful, eclectic merchandise, beautiful greeting card selection, unique art items, terrific handmade soaps, fun and funky jewelry, and one of the best Pandora selections I have seen anywhere outside of a Pandora store. You can tell whoever owns the place put a lot of work and thought went into the store and selecting the items carried for sale. The business does quite well.

However, it seems that a little less care may have gone into selecting the people who would be working and serving the customers. On two occasions when I shopped there, I received what I thought were some pretty snide comments from the cashiers who waited on me.

Once was when I paid for a purchase of around $20 in one dollar bills. I don't know, I guess maybe the cashier thought my money wasn't as good as anyone else's because it happened to be small bills. You would have thought I was paying with poison from the rude comment I got (I don't remember exactly what was said, other than it was a quite condescending). Silly me, expecting that they would just take my money and count it, without the unnecessary snide commentary. Maybe she thought I was a stripper or something because of the small bills, I don't know? (For the record I'm not a stripper, I just happened to have a lot of ones on me the day I went in there!)

I would have shrugged it off as someone having a bad day, except I had a somewhat similar experience the next time I went in about a month or two later. I was waiting in line to pay for my items. Someone was in line in front of me and moved out of the line over to where the racks of clothing to check them out. I did what any normal reasonable person would do who was next in line: I moved up to the counter, placed my items down, and waited for the salesperson to ring them up.

Well, she did so, but then proceeded to chastize me as she was ringing me up, telling me that the other woman had been in line in front of me, and implying that I had somehow cut the line. I simply told her, well I didn't realize that, especially since the other customer had gotten out of the line to browse the racks of clothing nearby, hadn't left any items on the counter (she'd taken them with her), and she (the salesclerk) hadn't bothered to tell me that (which I would have been fine with) until after she started ringing up my purchase. Thanks for making me feel like I did something wrong when I didn't!

So, two very uncomfortable shopping experiences resulting from unneccessary comments from the sales staff (two different salespersons). I don't know about you, maybe I am expecting too much, but I don't like being made to feel uncomfortable while I am spending good money in an establishment.

PS. I did not complain after the first time because I assumed it was just an isolated incident. Unfortunately, I didn't after the second time, because I was really miffed at the way I had been spoken to and just wanted to get out of there. It's a fairly small establishment, so it's a good chance that the salesperson might have been a manager/ owner. I did however, leave an account of my experience on Yelp, and interestingly enough, two other people had similar complaints about the sales staff, so at least I had some validation it wasn't just me.
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