I wish I may, I wish I might... (dust_and_dreams) wrote in bad_service,
I wish I may, I wish I might...

I don't post here often, because I don't normally get service bad enough to rant about or anything. Today was a bit different though, and I do have a question as of what to do.

My fiance and I went to McDonalds today. He ordered the Big'n'Tasty combo with no tomatoes and extra pickles. He eats his fries first, so we were about ten, maybe fifteen minutes into the meal before we realized anything was wrong. When he picked up his sandwhich, he realized it had tomatoe on it. Not a huge deal or anything. He just went back up to the counter and asked for it to be fixed.

Now I was watching. The person at the sandwhich station took his sandwhich, opened it up, and started to put more tomato on it. One of the other employees came over, showed them the ticket, and they peeled off the tomato, slapped the burgur back together, and gave it back to him.

He came and sat back down and opened his sandwhich back up. Lo and behold, there are still tomato seeds all over it, plus they forgot to put any pickle on at all. He doesn't want to bother with it, but I'm kind of anal about my service, so I took the sandwhich back up. Once again, the same sandwhich was given back to the person at the station, who proceeded to open it up and put enough pickle on it to choke a horse (this in and of itself isn't a huge deal. My fiance loves pickles. He'll regularly eat an entire jar by himself in one sitting. The amount of pickle kind of alarmed me though).

This does strike me as bad service, and I have a few (two only really) questions, just because I'm not all that familiar with fast food policies or anything.

Is it normal/allowed for them to take the wrongly made sandwhich and just take off/add whatever needed to be taken off/added? Like I said, there were still tomato seeds all over the burger. Plus I thought that when the item was made wrong, they are supposed to make you a completely new one.

And should I bother calling the corporate complaint line thing? I mean, will it really do any good?

Anyway, thanks everyone. ^_^
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