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Socializing with the Abstract, Paint on my Trouser

Bad Service at the Doctor's

Some of this is my fault. Those parts, however, I attempted to rectify and was told I could not.

Background info:

I am currently seeking a new psychiatrist. Due to insurance issues, I have been months without one and have been refilling my medication through Urgent Care clinics. Part of the reason it has taken so long for me to get a psychiatrist is because I have to get a referral though a PCP and with my selective mutism, it's very difficult to schedule doctor's appointments.

But then! Light at the end of the tunnel! My therapist and I work together to schedule an appointment to change my PCP from out of town to local. I let them know that I'm between psychiatrists and that I'll just need a meds refill until their referral to get me to a psychiatrist goes through. So yes, they'll take care of the meds, change my PCP, and get me my referral.

I show up and their first response is that they can't see me because they're not my PCP. Apparently I have to change that and they can't see me until it's done.

Then, they go on to tell me that because my name doesn't match on all of my documents that they can't see me even if I did have him as my PCP. I offer to bring them my name change paperwork. They say they don't want to see it because so many people attempt insurance fraud. (With the way that she was looking at me, I'm sickly positive that this was partially because I changed my name from a standard feminine name to a standard masculine name.)

That's kind of my fault. I need a new ID. But in California you have to have a birth certificate to get a new ID and I'm still waiting on mine to come in after months, and months of battling the state. So the name change paperwork has to do. But nope, I'm obviously a woman trying to use a man's insurance.

Finally, they tell me that they don't see patients like me (meaning with mental illnesses?) and that if I wanted a doctor I should go next door because he "gives drugs to everyone in Pasadena." So now I'm a drug seeker too? I've been off my meds five days because my mental illness makes it so difficult to go through the red tape of insurance stuff.

They wouldn't let me pay out of pocket. They wouldn't let me run the insurance later. They just plain wouldn't see me after they told me that everything I needed would be fine on the phone with my therapist.

So now I'm five days off my meds and a complete wreck with no idea how to get refills.
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