gilwen_sumer (gilwen_sumer) wrote in bad_service,

Mild Ad Suck

So am I right to be mildly annoyed when a company I ordered from sends me an advert to my email when they didn't even send me a confirmation email or shipping email for my original order? Or even responded to my emails (more on that in a sec)?
The whole company turned out to be a bit WTFish. The site I ordered from was while the jeweler's main site is (apparently each of his lines has it's own separate site?). But while the jeweler is US based (and all pricing on the site is in USDs) all contacts on the lineofjewelry site were to other countries!  I had to hunt down the original site (I had found xyzjewelry through google, not the original nameofjeweler site) to find the US CS line I could call after not getting a response from the email contacts provided at xyz and they found my order.
So thumbs up for the phone service folks who were nice! But not so much for the email service and confusing contacts and navigation.
IDK guys? Thoughts?


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