Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Oh frontier. I hate you.
I called on the 12th to order Internet. I got signed up, they said I'd have modem in a couple of days.

I never got it. I waited until the following Monday, 19th and called back. Oh they never sent my modem. Awesome. The guy puts my order in the system, gives me a $25 credit, and says that ill have my modem Wednesday.

Sure enough, I get home Wednesday and its waiting on me. I attempt to install it, but when I get to the email address and password it was asking for, I couldn't get what I had written down to work. I call tech support and they tell me what it is. Still a no go. I ended up getting sick and didn't mess with it until today...and today I had a second modem waiting for me when I got home. o_O

I call tech support again and the guy tells me my account is suspended. Wtf. He connects me to customer service and the woman tells me, oh you called on the 21st and said the name on your account was wrong and canceled it. Bwhuh? Ok.

I told her that I never called on the 21st. I didn't get my equipment til the 22nd. I tell her about the phone call Monday and she says the other rep never put my credit in.

She sets up a new account and calls a tech to see if they can turn my Internet on tonight. If I don't have it working when I get home, I can't call back until Thursday and when I call, ill have to set up a support ticket.

I'm not holding my breath.

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