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Payless Shoe Source :-/

I haven't ever posted here, but I thought I'd share something that really irked me tonight. I often write letters to customer service when the service or quality of goods is just terrible. I'm talking I couldn't eat it/something broke right away or I was annoyed to the point of being pissed. Generally, this is mostly limited to public transportation, but other things pop up, too.

Under the cut will be the letter and picture links I sent in to the customer service email address for Payless. I know that there might be some concern over the fact that I emailed customer service before speaking to a manager in the store first. However, this transaction just felt so off, that I'm not sure it isn't a common practice that needs to be looked into.

Side notes: The pictures are linked instead of posted, because they are huge. The large white squares are deleted identifying information for the store's location and the employee number. I do mention the race of the sales associates, because it helps to narrow down who I dealt with if I don't have a name to use, which is more often than not. HERE is the coupon in question.

If I have missed something or was unclear, would someone please (gently?) let me know? Thanks. :)

ETA: Edited the misspelled store name in the title and to note for those who were concerned, the receipt does not show an employee name, but their employee number. I deleted that, because I don't want their personal employee number or their job's location on the Internet.

Dear Ma'am or Sir:

I wanted to write in to inform you of the shady business practices of a local Payless Shoe Source. I was enticed into your store on Monday, November 26, 2012 by your 30% discount coupon/code that was emailed to me, along with my current need for new work shoes. I was bombarded and followed as soon as I walked into the Payless Shoe Source located at [location of the store].

I repeatedly told the two young Hispanic women that were on duty that I didn't need any help. I usually don't need any help, because I know where my size is located and what I need to purchase. Nine times out of ten, it's non-slip shoes for work.

After browsing for about 20 minutes, I found two pairs of shoes, a headband, and a small bottle of perfume. One of the young ladies (the one that originally greeted and followed me) kept pressing me to purchase more items and kept pushing your current sale items, even though I told her that I had more than enough. She kept harassing me so heavily, that I finally went and browsed some more and picked out a pair of earrings just to make her stop hassling me. Lo and behold, even as I was trying to get her to ring up my purchases, she kept trying to hard sale me on your items. I'm not sure if your company fails to pay its employees enough money or they work for commission, but that is irritating and will convince people NOT to shop at Payless. Perhaps your corporation thinks that this is good customer service, but I'm telling you, as a life long customer, it's far from it.

After I finally got her to ring up my items, I noticed that the total seemed kind of high, so I asked her about the 30% discount that I mentioned when I entered the building. She seemed reluctant to provide the promised discount and I asked her more than once if she needed the code to type into her POS. Eventually, she seemed to cave and told me that she needed to see the coupon, which I was able to easily pull up on my cell phone. I showed her the e-mail and she typed the coupon code in. After several more delays, such as requiring my phone number to make a purchase (Which, by the way, isn't good customer service either, it's annoying and slows down the shopping process. I've even had some of your sales associates get angry if I didn't want to provide my number out loud in a packed store.) and her readying my purchases. Even as she was getting my shoes and accessories together, the total still seemed kind of high. Since the store was closing and I needed to head home, I took my things and left.

It was only when I got home did I decide to double check my receipt, because my total was honestly bothering me. The Math simply didn't add up. Surprise, surprise, it turned out that the pushy saleswoman overcharged me. Both pairs of shoes were $20/$19.99, so it made no sense for her to charge me $34.99 for one of the pairs of shoes. I immediately called the store to speak to a manager and a confused and unhelpful young woman answered the phone. I could not understand her, but it sounded like she said that she was the assistant manager. I asked when the store manager would be available and she said that he would there in the morning. I had to ask her for a time, to which she hemmed and hawed before telling me that he would be there 'around 9 o'clock.'

What I don't understand is why when I informed her that I was overcharged, she seemed exasperated, as though I was wasting her time. I understand that her store was closed to the public by this time (Closing time is 6 P.M., the call was made at 6:44 P.M.) and that she was ready to go home, but she did pick up the phone. If she was in not mood to help, then perhaps she should not have answered and I would have called back in the morning without the extra bad service. I honestly didn't enjoy the nonchalant inquiry about what I had been overcharged on.

All in all, I would really love it if [I didn't feel like I was] being forced to buy more than I'm after just to leave the store or to be put to the side when I have a concern. This sort of behavior only hurts your bottom line profits in the end.

I am also linking to pictures of the posted prices on the shoeboxes themselves and my receipt. It should be noted that I was not even provided with a coupon number to use your www.tellmepayless.com website. Sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

  • Posted price

  • Receipt, Top Half

  • Receipt, Lower Half

  • I hope to see that your erroneous business practices will be resolved in the future.

    Sincerely yours,

    Danielle [my last name]
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