Patrick F (rainbowxgeek) wrote in bad_service,
Patrick F

remembered suck

In 2010 I transferred to a larger uni, from my tiny 2 year school. There was a $40 orientation fee, that supposedly financial aid didn't cover (but oddly nough did).

The fee could be paid in increments, so I sent in the form with an authorisation for $10 on my debit card (big mistake -_- ).

The school mistakenly auth'd the full amount initially (NOT the bad service). They reversed the charge, and put through the correct amount.

The bad service lies with my (now former) bank. I only had had enough for the $10 plus one outstanding debit charge.

The inadvertent charge of the full amount ended up putting me nearly 100 overdrawn. Citizens Bank charged $47 per overdraft (both charges overdrafted). They flat out refused to reverse the fees, even though the money never left the bank. It was absolutely NOT my fault in any way.

The bank told me to recoup the money from the uni. I spoke to someone in financial aid who actually ended up arguing, on my behalf, with my bank for a good twenty minutes. Yes, the school "shouldn't have" auth'd the full amount. But you know what, it's busy as crap, people are human, mistakes get made.

My account never ACTUALLY went below 0. And the bank penalised me.

I really fucking resent the bank literally making money off of me. At the time, I lived off less than $9500 a year (yes, that is meant to be only two 0's), plus what financial aid I received back from the school, which only happened if I took student loans. a hundred bucks was a BFD (STILL is, and I live on twice that now).

I never did get it reversed, and two years later, it STILL pisses me off.
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