robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Banking

I posted this as a comment in another forum and I realized as I wrote it that it should be a post here.

When I was a kid (20+ years ago) I accidentally overdrew on a savings account (it was actually a bank error).

They called me on the following Monday and told me I HAD to come pay them back now. I told them it would be prompt on Friday but not before. That wasn't good enough...the woman literally told me she didn't care where I got the money I had to bring it in that day. I think I wound up having to hang up on her (come on, it's not my fault the bank screwed up on how much cash was supposed to be in my account and we were only talking $20).

When I came in on Friday I was lead to a woman's desk (I'm guessing the woman I had hung up on!). Without saying a word to me but maintaining eye contact she picked up her phone, dialed a number and told the person on the other end to hold off on the lawsuit paperwork because the "person" had just shown up. Then she took my cash, gave me a receipt, handed me some paperwork and told me my account had been closed and I was no longer welcomed as a customer here.

I was SO intimidated, NOT!! What I was thinking as I walked into the bank was, "maybe I should close my account...can't be a very good bank if they can't keep track of how much money is in your account". She just made the choice for me!
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