jarethrake (jarethrake) wrote in bad_service,

Lloyds TSB

I have both a loan and two current accounts with Lloyds TSB.  I have my finances set up so that a certain amount is taken from my current account each time I am paid, and put into my bills account.  This is a recent set-up, which I find works really well, if Lloyds hadn't gone and fucked it up.

I had my loan payments set up as direct debits from my current account.  Each time I've called in, they've told me that, if I want to pay more than the minimum, I can cancel the direct debit and set up a standing order to pay off a higher amount.  I went in branch to set this up, and they had no clue what I was talking about.:/  I had to call the loan department from their phone, and they liased with the cashier and set it up for me.  I was told that my payments would go out regularly.  I noticed them being debited from my account, and assumed that they must be going where Lloyds had said they were going.  The first month, I did receive a text reminder that a payment was due, and another saying that they'd noticed my direct debit had been cancelled, but to ignore it if I was paying in another way, so I did.

Today, my card was rejected.  I checked my online banking app, and found that £25 had been charged to my current account.  I call in, and they tell me that my loan has been sent to collections (they couldn't send me a fucking text about that?) and that the charge was related to that.  The collections department put me on hold, and then my phone died (I'm also pissed about the half hour call to an 0845 number that I'm going to have on my next mobile bill).

I gather that the payments for the last two months - which have been debited from my account - have not been applied to my loan.  I have no clue where they've gone.  I can't sort this out till Monday because both branch and collections phonelines are closed on Sundays.  I'm planning to go in branch and ask to speak to a manager, whom I can tell the whole story to, and who can, in an ideal world, sort it out for me there and then (please tell me we live in this world).  Any tips on what to say, or any better plans?  My goals are;

- I want that £25 fee reimbursed.  At the very least, I want it applied as an extra payment to my loan.
- I want my loan payments found and correctly applied, and I want any interest accrued because of this error removed.
- I want my credit report amended.

I am so stressed about this.:/  I now have £3 to spend on food and everything else until the Tuesday after next.  Thank god my bills account is set up so that I don't have to worry about any of those (and, yes, I've double-checked that those are going through okay!).
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