Eve (eveofrevolution) wrote in bad_service,

Dry Cleaning Saga Update

Update to this post about my horrible dry cleaning experience.

We gave the owner a few days to find our comforter, expecting him to call us if he found anything. He said "a few days" on Monday, November 5. Friday the 9th, my boyfriend calls the owner to see if there's any update, and they found three comforters with no ticket on them. Apparently, the whole cause for the mix-up was that the staple gun that was used to attach the ticket to the bags for the garments went bad, so a bunch of tickets fell off (how anyone didn't notice this before it got out of hand is beyond me).

The owner said we can come look at the comforters at the actual cleaning place the following Monday, the 12th (the location we dropped it off at is on the other side of town, near where we live, and it's sent to the central cleaning location, as is everything else from their other locations). Since my boyfriend and I work different shifts a lot of days (he has an 8-5 job, and I work retail so I work any number of different shifts), the only way we could both get over there was to go on my lunch break at 5, just before (we thought) they closed. We show up there, and the building is locked up tight. My boyfriend calls the phone, and after about 5 minutes a man finally opens the door. My boyfriend asks about the comforters, and he tells us they are actually at the location by where we live. So I wasted half my lunch break on that trip.

We stop by the next day, and none of the comforters are mine. Luckily, they do have the duvet cover for me, and apparently have had it the whole time. So while I'm thankful I did get that back, I do have to wonder why the hell they acted like they didn't have it for so long. At this point, we decide to just confront the owner and ask for reimbursement. Wednesday I go find the comforter I did have before and checked the price, so he calls first thing Thursday morning quoting $90 reimbursement. The owner said he has to contact his insurance, and he will contact us on Monday the 19th. By this point I'm pretty fed up with how slowly this is going, so I went out and bought the comforter Friday. We didn't hear anything from him Monday or Tuesday, so today my boyfriend called again and the owner sent a check to the location near us for me to pick it up. So I FINALLY got a comforter, almost a month after I lost mine, and just today got reimbursed.

So overall, I did get what I wanted and am satisfied with the result. I'm still annoyed with the carelessness of this place, and their lack of speed with handling this whole situation, but nothing more can be done. But I will never go to this place again.
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