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I recently began a membership at a new gym. I had originally spoken with a membership consultant, C, via email regarding scheduling an appointment to register in person. We set up a time (though I would be meeting with a different consultant, J.). I also asked C about locker rentals. He told me that I could arrange to rent a locker when I registered for my membership. When I met with J and asked about renting a locker, he told me that I wouldn't be able to do it at that time because the general manager wasn't there. (The general manager had the chart showing the available lockers.)

When I was at the gym the next day, I asked the front desk about arranging for a locker rental. They didn't know anything about arranging locker rentals and directed me to J. J informed me that the general manager wasn't there again. I asked if he would be in the following day. He told me that he would be there until 7 PM the following day. That worked well for me since I leave work at 6 and get to the gym around 6:30. However, when I got to the gym at 6:30 the next day, neither J nor the general manager were there.

A few days letter, I sent the following email to C:

Hi C,

Is there a way for me to arrange a locker rental without doing so in person? I always seem to get to the gym after the general manager has left. I know the number of the locker (136) that I'd like to rent.



He responded the next day:


I apologize for the delay! Yes, we can totally get you a locker all set up via email. Let me just take a quick look and make sure that locker 136 is available. If you have been using it and doesn’t have an Executive Locker Rental sign no it, we should be good to go, but just want to make sure.

I hope all is well and that you are having a wonderful week!



I responded again:

Hi, C!

Thanks so much! I have been using that locker and it doesn't have a sign on it, so it should be ready to go.

Thanks again!


The last two emails were exchanged on the 6th of this month. I wasn't able to return to the gym until the 11th. I didn't email C again because I assumed that he might have set everything up and just not emailed me back and I didn't want to be a pain in the ass. However, when I got to the gym on the 11th, I saw that my requested locker was still not reserved. I sent another email to C later that night asking if there was a certain date by which I could expect a locker. He has yet to email me back.

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