Tak (ditaykan) wrote in bad_service,

Thanksgiving is coming.

The dishwasher has been out of commission for over a month. Without a functional dishwasher come the Day of Turkey, we're screwed.

Call plumber. Okay, they'll come, but it'll be a week or so because apparently everybody is having plumbing-related emergencies. Stay home all day after school waiting for the plumber, no call. We call them. "Oops, the factory sent the wrong part. Plz wait another week." Okay, whatever, accidents happen. We wait. Inform them SPECIFICALLY that we need an afternoon appointment, because my mom is in physical rehab because she fucked up her ankle and hip. No problem, get appointment for 1pm. ...nope. Again no phone call, we call them, get "LOL, he showed up at 11 and nobody answered the door" ...ya don't say.

When somebody FINALLY showed when somebody was home, they fiddled with it a bit (did something with silicone glue?), left instructions to not touch it until the following day, and left. We follow instructions. Nope, still broken, same error message.

Call another company, somebody comes back, wait another week... "you need a new drainage tube, this one has a hole in it". Fuck the what now? The first company had never, ever mentioned anything about the drainage tubes.

Second company guy turned off the hot water to check it out, which is reasonable. However, he also left the dishwasher mostly sticking out of its little dishwasher-hole (?!) and did... something to the hot water, I don't know. Maybe technically turned it on again but had left something else disconnected. We were basically watering the wall, and it kept making this noise like a whale with sinusitis.

Call him back, he comes and fixes the water problem... if anything, the dishwasher is left hanging out of its little hole further (I was not at home when this happened). Um, DUDE. You're blocking our access to things like MIXING BOWLS and DISHES, all our post-it notes and half of the spice rack.

Needless to say, I don't think I'll be hiring either one in the future.

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