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Do NOT Want!

I went shopping at Kohl's Saturday morning. I realize that the cashiers are probably required to ask if the customer wants to sign up for a charge card, but is if necessary to ask roughly 5+ times, even though I said no?

Would you like to sign up for a kohls card?No
Are you sure? You can save 30% today if you're approved.
no thank you. I don't want/need one.
Are you really sure? You can save 15% for just applying for one?
no, I really don't need/want one
But you can pay your bill in store. Would you like to sign up for one?
really, no I don't want to sign up for one
Look at how much you're spending. You could save at least $30 if you're approved. Are you sure you don't want to sign up for a kohls card?
no, I really really don't want to and I'm not going to
But you should apply! You can save at least $30 today and you'll get special offers.
miss, I don't want one. I'm not applying. Please stop asking
Are you sure you don't want to try?
Ok, your total is $$$. You saved $$, but you could have saved more if you applied. Would you like to before you leave?
I __ I

Really? I know I don't shop there that often (maybe two or three times a year), but how many times do I have to refuse before they stop asking? The cashiers at Target, JC Penny, and Old Navy stopped after I refused the first time. I

It was also really busy in there today, every line backed up, and she wasted so much time repeatedly asking me.

No. Just no.

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