you fit me better than my favorite sweater (vidriodeperlas) wrote in bad_service,
you fit me better than my favorite sweater

disgusting life insurance bad service TW: rape/sexual assault

backstory: i'm 22 years old, still live with my parents, go to school full time, and am on disability (half of the money I receive I use to pay my own expenses, the other goes to my parents). because of a multitude of health problems with could lead to an earlier than planned for death for me, my parents would like to have me placed on their life insurance policy because they live paycheck to paycheck and if i died tomorrow, they literally could not afford to bury me.

so, the amica (which is the company my parents already have their life insurance through) salesman calls me to go through a full medical history with me, and all is fine. while he's doing so he makes some odd comments, (about how weird/scary my weight is - i'm anorectic), about how ~strange it is that I have osteoporosis at 22, wow, he's never heard of a skinny 22 year old with sleep apnea, etc. then we get to the mental health part of the questionnaire  and i inform him that i am being treated for PTSD, and he asks what for. I thought that was odd and unnecessary  and just said "trauma." He prodded, "you're not a veteran, are you"? and I said no, I was raped as an adult and sexually abused as a child. THEN he said, "you could have just said no." all indignantly.

finally, thank god, the questioning ends, and he says he has to consult with the underwriters and he'll get back to me about my rates.

a day later i pick up the phone and it's him. he tells me the underwriters have confirmed that i do not qualify for life insurance based on my medical history. okay. no biggie. no bad service there. but then? he continues .... "you can't be surprised right, i mean, the way you described your life, it's like you're a powderkeg ready to blow at any moment. we can't waste money on that."'

i'm so stunned i don't even know what to do. obviously i need to report it, but ... jesus. how could he say that? i started crying as soon as i hung up on him. i couldn't even stand to hear the sound of his voice anymore.

EDIT: thanks so much for the advice everyone. if anyone has a tumblr, if you could reblog this for me, that would be a huge help!
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