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Fairly hilarious WTF service

Went to a Dunkin Donuts walk up last night and asked the guy at the counter if they had any sugar-free syrup flavors. Our interaction went about as follows:

Guy: "Sugar free syrups?"
Me: "Yeah, like coffee flavorings."
Guy: *looks behind him into the store* "Um, we have Equal?"
Me: "Yeah, but do you have any sugar free syrup flavors? Like sugar free vanilla, or sugar free caramel?"
Guy: "Um... let me ask..." *wanders a few feet back, closer to the other employee who was stocking or something* "Hey, do we have sugar free flavors?"
Other dude: "Sugar free flavors? Of donuts?"
Guy: "Oh. I don't know." *calls back to me* "Do you mean donuts, or coffee?"
Me: "For coffee. Like a sugar free vanilla syrup, or any other flavor."
Guy: *to coworker* "For coffee."
Other dude: "Um............we have decaf..."
Me: "You know what? It's okay...can I just have a small coffee with cream and a packet of sweet and low?"
Guy: "Do you want the decaf?"
Me: " thank you. Just a small regular coffee with cream and the sweet and low, please..."

I just laughed about it with my friend who missed the entire exchange because she was on her phone a little bit away.

ETA: The comments on this post about my silly DD encounter have been ridiculously helpful for no reason other than you people here in b_s are amazing. Apparently, the "flavor shots" are unsweetened flavorings, and the "syrups and swirls" are sweetened, I assume with sugar. *rainbow* The more you know!
Tags: ^wtf, coffee/doughnuts/bagels, helpful comments
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