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Dry Cleaner Bad Service Saga

So, being the little devil that my cat is, he decided to pee on my lovely white comforter and navy and white duvet cover. Naturally, this needed to be dry cleaned. My boyfriend took it to a local cleaners, Betty Brite, for me on October 18. He had previously heard that their service was exceptional, and most garments were ready the next day. He was a bit surprised then to find that according to the cleaners, it would be available for pick up the next Thursday (the 25th, exactly one week later). But ok, neither of us had prior experience so maybe that's par for the course for a comforter. They also did not take down any information other than his last name (so no phone number, etc).

Fastforward to the following Tuesday, the 30th. Both of us either forgot to get it or didn't have time that Thursday or Friday. But I finally had time Monday, so I went and attempted to pick it up. Cue script:

Me: Hi, I'm here to pick up my comforter and duvet cover. *attempts to hand the lady my ticket with the number and his last name on it*
Her: *ignoring the ticket* Name?
Me: Blevins. (we go back and forth a bit here. "Belvins?" "Blevins." "Bleavans?" "BLEH-vins!"

She goes in the back and looks for about 10 seconds. "What was it again??" "A comforter and duvet cover." She looks for another 30 seconds.

Her: I don't see it. Let me see your ticket...This says it won't be ready until Thursday.
Me: It meant last Thursday.
Her: No, it clearly means this Thursday. (let it be known there is no date on the ticket, just the day of the week circled)
Me: No ma'am, we dropped it off over a week ago. It was supposed to be ready LAST Thursday.
Her: Fine. What was the stain?
Me: Cat urine.
Her: Oh that's why. It takes longer to get that kind of stain out. Call back tomorrow after 1 and see if it's in.
Me: But it was promised for Thursday. Why would they have circled Thursday if it was going to take longer?
Her: Well I don't know! But it even says "cat pee" on here! So of course it's going to take longer! (It in fact just says "1 pm" in loopy handwriting, so it looks like 1 pee. I assume it was to be ready after 1pm on Thursday, which is why it's written there).
Me: *frustrated* Fine. Is there a phone number on the ticket on my stuff so you can call me when it comes in?
Her: No. It's.Going.To.Take.Longer.To.Get.Back.Because.It's.Urine. (literally, just like that, like I was stupid and she had to enunciate every word...even though she was completely ignoring my question.
Me: So I have to call back every day until it comes in?
Her: YES.

So, I called back the next morning, and lo and behold, it's still not in the shop. The lady gave me the runaround again, saying I needed to call back at exactly 7:30am to talk to a lady named Kathy. After recounting my experience both in the shop and on the phone to my boyfriend, he started handling the correspondence, since I'm less confrontational than he is. He called them this past Thursday (Nov. 1) and basically told the lady that he wasn't screwing around and that he wanted to talk to someone in charge because by this point we'd been without a comforter for 2 weeks. The lady handed him off to someone else, who explained that the lady we'd been dealing with is a temporary employee who is helping out while a regular employee is out with her ailing father. My boyfriend explained that while he does sympathize, he just wants to know where our comforter is. The employee said she's not sure where it is and gave him the number of the owner of the whole chain to call. He called and left a message, which was not returned that day or Friday. So first thing this morning, he called again and this time spoke to the owner.

The owner did confirm that the comforter is in fact lost and probably was given to another customer by mistake. He was very apologetic and said that he would try to track it down, but if he couldn't, the company would pay to replace my comforter and cover. So, this is terrible service on the way to being great service, if they do in fact follow through and will pay the whole cost of replacing my comforter and cover! Honestly, I'm not holding my breath for the full price (because short of tracking down the receipts from over a year ago, how else would we prove which comforter it was and how much it will take to replace it?) but hopefully the owner is sincere in his efforts to make this whole mess right.

In addition to the temp worker's attitude and runaround with me, their business practices are bad service in my opinion. Not taking anyone's phone number down or recording for whom and what they clean, as well as their disregard for their tickets, is certainly bad service in my situation. Had they matched ticket numbers, it wouldn't have been given to someone else, and had they recorded their transactions, they'd be able to better track down who got my comforter. It's a shot in the dark right now, though. I'll certainly update as this progresses further. Any advice on how to handle this from here on out would be much appreciated as well.
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