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Horrid Service

My family and I suffered some damage to our house following Hurricane Isaac. Once we were able to get back to our house we contacted a company to come in, dry it out, and treat the mold. The company we contacted was Emergency Services 24 Inc. who said they would dry out the house, treat the mold three times, and would work directly with our insurance company (meaning we wouldn't be the ones receiving the bill, our insurance provider would).

So a crew came in and set up equipment for drying out the house and told us to keep it running for a couple of days. Well, a couple of days turned into about a week. We kept calling the company, asking them when they would come pick up the equipment and were constantly told they would be there that day (but they would never show up). Finally they told us to unplug the equipment and that they would be in soon for the mold treatments.

They treated the mold once and said they'd be back in a couple of days to treat it again. The morning they were supposed to come back, they didn't show up. We called the company and were told that an emergency had come up, but that they'd be there that evening (around six or so). Okay, things happen, I get that (though I don't see why we had to call the company instead of them calling us to let us know). So we wait around the house until 6:30 that evening and they, again have not shown up. As seen above, this was pretty much a habit for them; they'd tell us they'd be there at a certain time and would never show up. Unlike with the equipment, though, we needed them to treat this mold so we could start rebuilding our house.

So my mom called the company and was, again, given an excuse (they were caught in traffic). After a bit of back and forth with the receptionist there, the woman informed her that the company doesn't treat for mold after the fact, they only offer mold prevention. What? No. No, that's not what we were told at all. Why would we hire you if you can't treat the mold?

We managed to get a number of the main guy there (who was in another state, as this company seems to service many states in the south) who tried to smooth things over. He guaranteed that they do provide mold treatment and promised that the people will be there the next morning at 10:00 am to treat the mold. As you may guess, they didn't show up. So my mom called the guy and told him we were firing the company. He kept insisting that we let him fix things, but we had to move on. Seeing as we still had their equipment in our house, we let them know that they needed to come pick it up (which they did immediately the next day).

So we hired someone else who gets the job done and we were moving along fine until today. Today we received a letter from Emergency Services 24 Inc. claiming that we owe them $19,000 for their services and that if we don't pay them in 10 days our bill will be handed over to a collection agent. Now this is bullshit for a few reasons:

A) We were told they would work with our insurance and would bill them, not us.
B) We never received the first notice that they claim we did
C) The services they are billing us for are things they DID NOT DO.

Seriously, we're being charged for how long their equipment was here (not our fault; we called them several times asking them to pick it up), charged for THREE mold treatments (even though we only received one from them), and other services that they did not provide for us.

We're trying to get in contact with them, but, of course, the two people who can talk to us about it are unavailable. We've already contacted our insurance agent to let them know too. Because we are not paying this.

So if you ever have a mold problem, avoid this company at all costs.

EDIT: So we finally were able to get in touch with someone and as it turns out they did contact our insurance agent and our agent said they would have to deal with us, not him (and he didn't tell us about this, which is bad on his part). We were also able to talk down the price and let them know that the people they had contracted did not perform all of these duties. As of right now we've offered what we will pay them (since they did provide some service) and we're waiting to see if they'll accept it. Hopefully this can be resolved now. Though now we're having a headache with the insurance people (but it's Allstate and they've screwed us over before).

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