Alleykitten (alleykitties) wrote in bad_service,

"That's unusual"

A conversation I had with a nurse when coming in about a medical issue:

"So, have you had any kind sexual intercourse with one or more women for the last 6 months?"
"Uhm. No."
"So you're not currently sexually active?"
"No, I am."
"In this situation we are only talking about penetrative sex, so I'll check that you're not sexually active at the moment"
"But I am. I have anal sex regularily."
"Oh, why didn't you just say that? Anal sex is also intercourse, you know. Do you use a condom? Also, do you know if she has any STD's?"
"I'm gay. I don't have sex with women."
"Oh. Well, uhm. So you sleep with men? That's unusual. I don't have a lot of experience with that. Uhm, have you gotten checked for HIV?"
"Yeah, I have. And so have my partner. We're both clean, but my issue isn't really related to HIV anyways?"
"Just checking. I know it's a serious problem for people like you, so..."

Lady, first of all, you really should know better. And, no, it's not "unusual" to sleep with men. Also, "people like you"? Come on now. Secondly, my symptoms are nothing at all like the symptoms for HIV. Like, at all. In any way. I don't think that there is a single symptom that fits. It's blatantly obvious that you only thought of HIV because i have sex with men and honestly it pisses me off a bit. I know this isn't awful service, but it's just so unprofessional. I don't pay money for someone to sit there and be completely incompetent at their job.
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