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I ordered something for my fiance since he's been away for a month, and have been checking Fedex pretty consistently. So I get home today around 6:30 and yay! The online tracking says that USPS delivered it today! I've been awake literally all night, and left the house at approximately 3PM. I hurry and check my mailbox - nada. Since I'm in an apartment complex I figure maybe they left it at the door. Nope. My roommate said there hadn't been one when he got home either. So I call Fedex's number and this conversation ensues.

(For the record, I'm transgender, FtM.)
[7:03:48 PM] Teahound: Me: Hi, I was supposed to have a package delivered through the postal service from you guys; it says it arrived here at 3:23 but it's not in my mailbox and no one came to the door.
Him: What's your name, ma'am?
Me: Lemme check what I ordered it under, I use a different name for online business. And it's actually sir, not ma'am.
Him: Well what's your name, ma'am?
Me: I ordered it under [Name I Go By], and it's sir. (My bad on the phrasing, but I had to check and see if I ordered it under my legal name or the one I'm saving to change it to.)
Him: I need your name, ma'am.
Me: *twitch* ...[Legal Name]? And sir.
Him: Alright ma'am we have that package listed as being (something about mixed media) which means we bring it to the city post office and they deliver it from there. It says it was delivered by the post office at 3:23 so if it's not in your mailbox or at your doorstep, we advise you call the post office and give them the tracking number you gave us. Can I do anything else for you, ma'am?
Me: No that's all, but it was sir.
Him: Alright well have a great day, ma'am.
Me: SIR. I'm a guy, you called me ma'am about five times in the course of our conversation.
Him: *awkward mumble, ends call*

Just... First off, he repeated back everything I told him I already knew. I didn't know if Fedex could find out what happened or if I had to call the USPS directly. Since the USPS was closed, I called the only place open. Second, if someone says sir, isn't it common courtesy to at least stop saying ma'am, even if you don't feel comfortable saying sir? I really hope the call was recorded. Now I get to enjoy being anxious all night, thanks a lot random Fedex employee.
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