Ash (tartanboxers) wrote in bad_service,

Canada Post Suck

So, yeah, I should have known better, I suppose.

On Saturday, I paid $28.54 for the privilege of sending some time-sensitive materials from outside Montreal to NYC. They were in a photo-mailer envelope and consisted of about 11 printed pages. They had to be at their destination today. I used Canada Post's Xpressmail, which according to their poster at the counter, is supposed to be delivered in 2-4 business days.

Fine and dandy until I go to enter my tracking number and see on the website, it's actually 2-9 business days. But I say to myself, that's just in case of unforeseen circumstances at customs, and surely customs doesn't care about my printed documents.

So today, I check my tracking number, and I see "25-10-2012 International Item Left the Country." As in my package sat in their Montreal gathering spot from Monday until yesterday before they were assed to send it out.

I bitched about it on Twitter and got the attention of @canadapostcares. They asked for my tracking number and said they'd look into it. Fine and dandy. Except when they got back to me, they informed me my package wasn't late and reminded me they have up to 9 days to deliver it.

I told them my complaint lay in the fact they let my package sit in Montreal for 3 days when they could have sent it out. Reply was they didn't know what was up with that and couldn't help me further, but my package wasn't late and if we were lucky, it might arrive before the weekend.

So what the hell did I pay them nearly $30 for????

I thanked them for looking into it and informed them I'd be taking my business elsewhere in the future. I can't even ask for a refund unless they take longer than 9 BUSINESS days to deliver. I could have driven the damned thing to NY three times over by now.
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