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Health Care *le sigh*

Maybe my expectations are just too high?

1) Don't tell me how much I weigh

I don't want to know what my weight is.  To a lot of people, it's not a big deal to step on the scale.  I have body dysmorphic disorder and putting a number to my size is extremely upsetting to me.

The nurse tries to take my weight every time I come into the clinic no matter what the reason for the visit is (even an infected bug bite).

I've voiced my concerns to my doctor and she says it's perfectly fine if I don't want to know.  Except my concerns never register to the nurses.

When I stepped on the scale, she asked me if I wanted to know my weight and I said, "No."  As soon as I got into the exam room, she plops down a sheet in front of me with my information (including my weight in bold print in the upper corner). 

No matter how adamant I am in telling them that I don't want to know what the scale readout was, without fail they give me that sheet of paper.

For my last visit, I had the same nurse and as we approached the scale she gave this half-hearted giggle/sigh and said, "Oh and here comes the dreaded weight."  I refused to step on the scale.  If you can't respect my wishes and listen to my requests, I'm not going to comply.

2) A HIPAA-violation-happy pharmacist

The clinic has a really lousy pharmacy set-up where the start of the line is about five feet from the counter.  Unless the pharmacist keeps his/her voice down, you can hear every detail of the patient's transaction.

There's one pharmacist that keeps her voice at a perfectly low but still audible level....until it comes to the medication's name and side effects.  Then she broadcasts her voice so basically the entire waiting room can hear.


I was behind an elderly man in line who was "lucky" enough to have this pharmacist and could hear every single word about his prescription.  If I could hear it, I know other patients could hear my information.  Sure enough, just as she got done yelling at me for my pain-killers causing possible constipation, I turned around to every patient staring at me.

Yeah that wasn't the least bit humiliating and as if these visits weren't anxiety-inducing enough.

I am going to be contacting patient services so hopefully other patients can avoid this kind of treatment.

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