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David's Bridal freakout

The other David's Bridal story reminded me:

I grew up in California but currently live in Ohio (and am getting married in Pennsylvania); when I visited my relatives a few months ago, my mom and grandmother and aunts took me dress shopping. I didn't expect to find The Dress first time at David's Bridal, but sure enough, the sixth dress I tried was perfect, and it was on clearance. My grandmother bought it and the matching veils as a wedding gift; the veils were actually located at a store near my aunt's house, so she picked them up and I brought them back in my suitcase. I was told shipping would be arranged for the dress, but because I have knee issues, after trying on so many dresses I needed to go sit down, so I let my mom and grandma arrange all that. 

Fast-forward to a month later, when I'm back from my trip. I get a message saying my "order" is in and I should pick it up! I ask, they say I can just drop by anytime, no need for an appointment. A few days later, when it's the weekend, I grab my man of honor and head over to pick it up. 

There's nothing for me in the back at my local store. 

There's nothing in the computer saying they should have something for me, either. 

I'm freaking out now because they lost my dress and it was on clearance meaning I might not be able to find another, it's probably discontinued, it was an older style. Finally, she finds my dress: it was received by the San Jose store, near my mom's house, and they have a tracking number. I write it down and before leaving the store, I pull out my smartphone and punch it into UPS' package tracking site. 

Invalid number.

I try FedEx. Invalid number. I try DHL. Invalid number. I'm on the brink of tears here. I check my phone records and it turns out the call had been from San Jose, so I head out to my car and call them back. The number I was called from doesn't match the number I was given by the store clerk as being the store number, but when I call someone answers with "David's Bridal" so I'm instantly somewhat relieved. I explain the situation and she's very understanding, so she goes to pull my file.

No record of a purchase ever having been made. My name is correct, my wedding date is correct, but I've not purchased a wedding dress or any accessories, including the veil hanging up in my man of honor's closet. 

So I'm in tears and my man of honor is livid on my behalf. Finally, however, we get a happy ending: they find another bride in the system with my name only misspelled and the same wedding date, and sure enough, there's my order! It was actually shipped out to my house -- nobody should have called me at all, as it's definitely a ship order not a pickup order. And the tracking number had lost a digit when it was placed in the system; once the lady had a chance to pull the paper receipt from FedEx, she got me the correct number and I was able to track the package just fine. It arrived a day early, and is now hanging up next to the veil :)

TL;DR: David's Bridal gives me a minor panic attack due to a series of miscommunications but did not, in fact, lose my dress. 

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