marlinchen (marlinchen) wrote in bad_service,

Charge back

I just realized some things today, and I have a few questions!

I realized one of my invoices is incorrect, for the coat. Instead, it lists it as a BLOUSE, and the price is off by ~$30 ($97 instead of $129). Also, the items I bought are conveniently no longer on the site. I don't know if that matters. I still have the email receipt, though; but, INCORRECT INVOICE. Geez.

I'm stressed out about the process for charge backs. Should I wait to send my items back to eShakti, or should I send them back, and just take the (correct) invoices with me to the bank? I am just really confused, and there's no one I know in real life who has done a charge back before. =P A walk through the process would be awesome! Because I want to return my items within the 30 day frame; they will refund me for the order if I do that, but they won't refund customization as a rule. So, what to do, guys?

Thank you so much, everyone! You've all been helpful and awesomely sympathetic. (:

EDA: Price fail
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