_The_ Wench (rayce) wrote in bad_service,
_The_ Wench

Good food gone bad

My boyfriend and I found a local place about a year ago that delivers Italian food. They used to be Fantastic and we loved ordering from them. But lately we have not been so in love with the place. The delivery drivers love us too because we always tip good and we order from them a lot. All of the drivers know us now lol.

We have noticed that the quality is going down each time we order. Recently we got the wrong order entirely. When I called to tell them it was the wrong order they argued with me, put me on hold and then came back and argued some more, put me on hold and finally came back and acknowledged they can NOW see that we did order X and not Y and they would send the right order. This happened a few months ago.

Over time the orders got more and more blah. The food would be overcooked or there would be so much cheese on it that you couldn't get to the food under it without a knife. It just seemed more and more like they were throwing the food around instead of preparing it. We didn't complain though because both of us are the type of people that we will just go ahead and eat it unless it is bad or really poor service.

But this weekend was the final straw.

We ordered two things. I ordered an artichoke spread that comes with pita bread and cheese melted on top and my boyfriend ordered a pasta dish with meatballs and a salad. Usually my spread comes in a round container and has just enough in it to use the pita bread completely. We get the food and I open up my spread to find a small lump of artichoke under a thick layer of melted cheese. This was such a small portion that the cheese was melted to the bottom of the container and the container looked nearly empty.

I called them back to explain and only got a very snipped "We will send out an order with more dip."

No sorry. No apology.

When the delivery driver came back with the new food he apologized. He said last week he had at least one order a day he had to re-deliver and that the cooks didn't seem to care. He sounded pretty fed up about the entire thing. This also might explain why we didn't get an apology on the phone. They might simply be sick of apologizing.

After we left my boyfriend opened his food to find that they had burnt the cheese that they stacked heavily on his pasta. It looked pretty disgusting but at that point it was our fault for not checking it before we called about the first issue so we let it slide.

We plan to send in pictures with an explanation to the main company for this place because they have multiple stores but we won't be ordering from this location again. And what is really sad is, even if they fix the poor service that has been slowly increasing with each delivery, we will never know it because we don't trust ordering from them anymore.

The good news is that a completely different branch of their delivery is near our friends apartment where we go to game on the weekend. We might just have to order from them :)
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