marlinchen (marlinchen) wrote in bad_service,

eShakti purchase

I've been ordering from eShakti for a couple years now, and only recently have I had a problem. The first purchase I made, a dress arrived with a broken zipper, and they refunded me, replying to my email immediately and letting me know they are sorry for the damage.

Recently, I bought an expensive coat and dress, with customization. I wear a 36A cup, and when I got the dress, the bust would have fit like... a C. Or D. Who knows. It was definitely not my size, anyway! And the coat was also much too narrow in the shoulders. I have narrow shoulders as it is, and when it arrived way too tight, even though, in both items, I remeasured myself and made sure I had the correct measurements (note: I haven't ever had problems with customization in the past with them before).

They haven't replied to my emails about getting refunded for customization. One email address replied saying I can return it if I want to. The other, main email address for the site, hasn't responded at all, even though they have promptly responded in the past. Neither has responded to my wanting a refund for the customization. On the site, they say they don't refund for customization, but when it's so obviously off, shouldn't they refund me for something where I listed my exact measurements and haven't had problems with customization in the past?

I've been pestering them for the past two days. I'm pretty upset, since it was such an expensive order, and the items would be so adorable if they actually fit me correctly, and just GAR. What should I do?
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