cupcake (heydigital) wrote in bad_service,

I am so livid over what happened last night at a bar that I go to fairly often. I work as both a bartender and a server at another restaurant in the area and all the bartenders there are aware of that. I'm having a beer with a couple co-workers from the kitchen and a girlfriend of one of them who works in retail; there was not a single person in the bar who didn't work in customer service.

It hits 1:40 AM and rather than doing a standard last call, one of the bartenders gets on the loudspeaker and begins yelling "Ladies and gentlemen, if you are not an employee of this bar you need to finish your beer and get the fuck out. Get the fuck out of my bar. You need to leave." Literally obnoxiously repeating himself over and over for a good 10 minutes so nobody in the bar could carry on any kind of conversation.

If he had said one sentence about needing to finish up and leave and gotten off the loudspeaker, I would have done it. But he was being so unnecessarily rude to his customers (who, I will repeat again, ALL WORK IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. We understand more than anyone that you want us to leave so you can leave!) that it was making me want to stay longer on purpose. I work 6 days a week being nice to people and hoping they'll be somewhat decent to me in return, and when I go out to have one beer and talk to my friends I get treated like shit? That's just not right.

At some point, probably 5 til 2, the bartender finally gets off the loudspeaker, comes around the bar and starts a fight with my friend sitting next to me so they're on the floor choking each other out and we need to pull them apart from each other. He's yelling that my friend (who comes in to this bar, spends money and brings in more people nearly every single day) is never allowed in again, despite the fact that he was the one who came around the bar and started the physical fight.

At this point I step in and try to be reasonable, saying, look I work in a bar too and I understand that you want to clean up and get out of here. But it's not even 2 AM yet and you're being incredibly rude. He's talking over me saying "If you understand then get the fuck out!" I'm trying to tell him, "Yes, I do understand but there was no reason for things to come to this point." but finally give up and turn around saying I'll never come back to that bar, and he's yelling after me sarcastically, "Good, don't come back, you have fun at *name of my bar*!"

So yeah, thanks for making it clear to me that you couldn't give less of a shit about having my business let alone being a decent human being. I think I'll go back and never tip him a single cent again.
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