The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop (twelvehandshigh) wrote in bad_service,
The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop

The tiny cafe by my work sells coffee and a couple food items, great bbq chicken quesadillas. When vegetarian cashier works-I know she's a veg from her shirt pins-they're without fail suddenly out of chicken. 

 If it's a different employee working the shift? Chicken as high as an elephant's eye. I respect her right not to put animals in her mouth but I'm not buying it for her. The only shortage is when otherwise-perfectly-nice veggie cashier is working. I've tested this multiple times. I would just avoid her shift, but I never know when she'll be working until I go in.

I would talk to a manager, but I've never seen one in there. I might try going by in the morning and seeing if he's in then. 

*edit* I went early and talked to the owner who is also the manager...he just facepalmed and said "oh, for god's sake." She is related to him somehow and in spite of the annoyance, he was such a nice guy that it became a not very big deal. He promised me there would be a free quesadilla for me next time. 
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