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Middlebury Associates/Estates

I moved into this NEW apartment complex place two days before June began (Memorial day weekend for me). We (me, roomie 2nd, and roomie 3rd) started the loan process in April. Me and my roommate (2nd) have been living in that apartment with no lease and not paid rent until this week (we refused to pay rent until she produced a lease. Since the last rents didn't signed the lease til 6 months in and then got screwed, I don't want to be screwed). Once or twice a week we would call up and ask about the lease. She seemed in no rush or worry that the lease wasn't in. Our deposit was paid and nice and fine.

Finally last week on Wednesday she gets the lease (3 weeks after we move into the place). Our other (3rd) roomie comes up and signs it. I plan to on riday but she said she's closed til the afternoon. I can't be there to sign so me and roomie (2nd) decided to do it in the morning this week, since we both work a LOT and can't get time off to sign it WHILE she's there. We figure since she took two months to get the lease its fine.


I get a frantic call from my other roommate (3rd) that we need to signed the lease today or we get taken to court and evicted. I call the woman and tell her I'll be over righ away, she seems calm as all get out. I show up and she's all calm, no rush. I tell her we were showing up tomorrow morning to sign it. She says that we had 5 days to sign it. I look at her and go:

Me: 5 days? Um, you got it on Wednesday and then closed 5 minutes later. That doesn't count.
Her: Well..
Me: And Saturday and Sunday do not count either. You weren't open!
Her: You should have been here to sign it right away, on Friday!

>.< Atleast this mess is all done. My lease is signed and rent is paid, but I don't like having to take time off work so I can drive 45 minutes both ways to do something that should have been done already! grrr

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