Kalevi (coranglaisman) wrote in bad_service,

MetroTransit...oh MetroTransit...

I normally have pretty good luck with MetroTransit (the buses/light rail where I live), but today had me cocking my head before I figured out what was going on.

I was going somewhere and I'd used the trip planner on the website to figure out what buses to take and where to catch them, which normally works just fine, and can even tell you if a bus is running late. It directed me to a stop I normally use down the street from my house. There's construction near that stop, which had apparently progressed this week to having part of the road torn up (but out of the way of where the bus in question normally drives). I wondered if the stop was still in service, but there were official MetroTransit signs at the stop that all suggested that yes, this stop was still in service.

But I was still confused why the bus I was waiting for (high-frequency route) still hadn't come yet, so I ended up walking down the street and trying to see if there was anything that would explain things. At the next stop down, which is the stop previous to the one I was waiting at, there was a big "Buses do not stop here: board X bus at πth St and Explorer Ave" sign. I went to the named stop and caught the next bus and ended up being late to where I was going, but I was baffled as to why they never marked the first stop as out of service. I really hope it was just an oversight on someone's part.
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