Brenda Appleby (brenda_ea) wrote in bad_service,
Brenda Appleby

Extremely long wait for "fast" food

My dad and sister and I went to a KFC/TacoBell. It was just after noon, but there were only two or three people in front of us, and we were able to order pretty quickly. We got our drinks and sat down, and a few minutes later my dad went over to the counter, figuring the food should be ready soon. And waited. And waited. And waited. I checked the receipt - our order went in at 12:19, and it was 12:33. I went over and told him this. The girl behind the counter asked if we needed to order and we said we were waiting.

She said, "Sorry about the wait - the drive-thru has us totally backed up on tacos, and... she doesn't like being helped."

It was several more minutes before we got our food.


I'm sorry, if it's the lunch rush and half your food service is getting backed up, you are just going to have to learn to work with other people.

So that's a suck from the person who is apparently cranky and refuses help, and a suck from the manager who doesn't put another person on tacos when it gets so backed up that it takes NEARLY TWENTY MINUTES TO GET OUR FOOD.

We didn't bother complaining because it was obvious they knew about the problem and were not doing anything about it.

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