Patrick F (rainbowxgeek) wrote in bad_service,
Patrick F

background: Earlier this week, I fucked up my knee. Waiting for an MRI for a definitive diagnosis, but the ortho is leaning toward a torn or bulging meniscus (I forget the clinical term for it). We're waiting on a preauth from my insurance, so I can have an MRI, to get a more definitive diagnosis.

The emergency room gave me ibuprofen for pain. Now, I've got a REALLY good pain tolerance, but ibuprofen just isn't cutting it.

the suck: I called the ortho this morning around 9. the voice mail for the patient care coordinator (to whom I was transferred when I explained what I needed) said she would be in between 730 and 1230 today. Fine, I leave a message with the pertinent information. No reesponse. Now, I know that it was in reference to today, because she gave the date. It's a friday, so no one is in tomorrow.

I call back. Operator transfrs me to the same person. It's now WELL past 1230. I hit O and try again. TRANSFERS ME TO THE SAME PERSON AGAIN. BOTH times I specifically said [person's name] isn't in the office, but I need to speak to someone.

Finally, the third operator I got took pity on me and tracked down someone who IS in the office that might be able to help

the free advice: Don't run down the stairs. Turns out that's a damn good way to fuck up your knee(s)--it's apparently one of the more common causes of knee injuries.

EDIT: It seems they MIGHT have tried to call back--I'm apparently having issues receiving incoming calls. The second half, when I called back, is still, imo, a suck though.
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