Andrea (allywonderland) wrote in bad_service,

CVS Caremark

My prescription insurance requires me to send long term prescriptions through mail order via CVS Caremark. My husband's company has had such trouble with Caremark that they've actually appointed a full time HR person just to deal with Caremark complaints.

With Caremark you send your prescriptions in and get 90 day supplies mailed to you. I've complained about them here before, I don't remember why though.

I am out of one of my meds and low on several others. I'm going to use actual drug names so I don't get confused.

Levothyroxine, Doxepin and Singulair all had current prescriptions and were fine to be refilled, no problem. Topamax had been increased from 50 mg 2x a day to 75 mg 2x a day and needed to be approved by my PRIMARY doctor. Gastrocrom was an expired prescription and needed to be approved by my PRIMARY doctor. Dicyclomine was a NEW prescription and needed to be approved by my GI doctor. So, Caremark needed to fill 3 prescriptions, send faxes for TWO medications to my PRIMARY doctor and a fax for ONE medication to my GI doctor.

Caremark faxed requests for Dicyclomine and Gastrocrom to my GI doctor.... close enough. He approved them. But then he faxed the approval to the local WalGreens. And now Caremark is refusing to deal with WalGreens to get the approval and fill those drugs. And if I go pick up the medications from WalGreens it's not covered and I have to pay full price.

Any guess what they faxed my Primary doctor? Singulair and Doxepin... Both of which already had current prescriptions that didn't change.

Yeah, okay. I guess I'll get to spend another hour on the phone with them again tomorrow. It really shouldn't be this hard!!

And I remembered today that I need new epi-pens... wonder how difficult it's going to be to get those filled.

It's fine Caremark... it's not like if I don't get my drugs it will have a major impact on my quality of life... oh wait, yes it is!! =P Stupid Caremark.

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