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CVS annoyance

I think I would have brushed off each individual instance of annoying service below, but together, along with the tone of the last person I spoke to, just irritated me enough to draft a letter I'm going to send to the pharmacy in reference.

To Whom It May Concern,

On Monday (9/24/12) I received a call from a CVS pharmacy representative from the Monroe Ave location. The rep advised my doctor had called in a new prescription for me, but that my insurance information was out of date. I advised her I had changed jobs and the new insurance would start on 10/1/12; I advised I would come in on that day with the insurance information and pick up the prescription rather than pick it up early and have to pay out of pocket since I wouldn't run out of test strips until the morning of the 1st.

On Tuesday (9/25/12) I received an identical call, I believe from a different rep and went almost identically through the above conversation. I believed the matter to be resolved.

On Wednesday (9/26/12) I received a THIRD call from another rep and once again went through the explanation of when my new insurance would start coverage and when I would bring in the information and pick up the prescription.

Believing that my insurance information must be urgent information needed by the pharmacy, I called on Sunday (9/30/12) once I had received my insurance information. I spoke with a rep who even after I explained that I had been contacted 3 times by CVS to provide this information, brushed me off and told me they were a high volume store, to call back at midnight when my information could be run.

If my information wasn't needed until my coverage actually starts, and I had told a rep that I didn't intend to pick up the prescription until 10/1/12, and I assume a large pharmacy such as CVS has a notation system within their computers, I want to know why I was harassed twice more this information only to be brushed off when I tried to supply it.

I am a frequent user of this pharmacy and fill eight daily medications with them, several of which are life dependent, in addition to three diabetic equipment prescriptions. Your representatives over the course of this week have left me questioning their competency and whether they can be entrusted to handle people's medications.

Because my insurance is through Caremark I'm forced to use CVS, since it would not be my first choice of pharmacies; and this particular location is the closest to my home. I can tell you that CVS's customer service, or lack thereof, has left a poor impression.

(Edited for paragraph spaces and spelling correction.)
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