caitie (asaintedsinner) wrote in bad_service,

bad service or possibly just me being cranky

I went to Target today to get cold medicine since it was on the way home from an appt. I never use a top sheet so I got really excited when I found out that Target not only sold just a fitted sheet, but that they were SUPER soft. i fell in love. Last week and this week the fitted sheet's were on sale: 10.99 instead of 16.99.

When I noticed it ring up, I said to the cashier "Oh, I thought fitted sheets were on sale!" and she looked at me and then back at the computer and goes "Oh well. Guess that one's not," so I thought that maybe they were only doing certain COLORS in fitted sheets on sale.

Nope. I got home and it's a top sheet and that's the cost discrepancy. Now, I will admittedly take the rightful claim in saying I should have read the tag better. I know that the employees do their best to put things back in order, but someone had put a flat sheet away in the wrong spot.

I can't tell if it was the lady's attitude, the fact that if she had actually paid attention to what I asked, the problem could have been solved or if I'm just that sick and little things annoy me right now. It just bugged me that she seemed arsed to do her job. I mean, at the least, she should've done a price check, right? To see why there was a discrepancy in the price?
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