snowstormskies (snowstormskies) wrote in bad_service,

My angry bubble just kind of deflated into giggles because WHAT THE.... ?

So this is a new one on me.

I am currently locked in a computer lab in my university. Yeah. LOCKED. Trapped. Unable to leave at any point.


Because my university did not see fit to tell me that my university card which used to get me into these sorts of places has expired. No where on the card does it say it will expire, I've had no emails, and no letters stating this. I realise it's only day one of Freshers, but come off it.  I got in because someone put the door on latch, not because I had a good card. I didn't know that I would need to collect a replacement from somewhere that I do not know.

Fuck. My. Life.

Edit:,Belated this may be but I made it out, and back home after calling security. 
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