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This is a letter I am planning to send to Cellarbrations corporate after something that happened yesterday. At the moment, it's fairly formal and pretentious language because I was trying to concentrate on not being emotional, because frankly I'm still really astonished about the whole thing.


I am writing in regards to something that happened at your Kotara store on Friday the 21st of September.

I arrived at approximately 10:30am and parked outside Cellarbrations. As I began to approach the store, a staff member told me "If you're here to see the doctor [referring to the family practice next door], you can't park here. It's Cellarbrations parking." I told him that I was in fact planning to shop at Cellarbrations, though I was quite taken aback by his abrupt manner and was hesitant about my response. Apparently he took this as evidence that I was being untruthful, as he gave me a sceptical look and told me that "I have this argument with a hundred people a day" and that he couldn't afford to have my car taking up space in the carpark if I was only going to buy a Coke. I asked him if he wanted my business or not, in quite an abrupt tone as I was still rather taken aback by his manner, and he told me that he didn't care but that I could not leave my car parked there.

In the end, I went inside but left almost immediately as I felt extremely uncomfortable, and instead went to shop at the 1st Choice Liquor in Glendale. While I understand that my intended purchase was not particularly remarkable and is unlikely to affect the store in any appreciable way, I found it extremely off-putting that he assumed apparently from my appearance that I was only planning to buy soft drink or that I was there for the doctor not for an alcohol purchase. I also question how many other genuine customers this man is driving away by being so combative - and if, in fact, it is his accusations that are causing apparently so many people to park outside Cellarbrations and then choose not to buy anything.

I was extremely disappointed by this experience and it has made me extremely hesitant to return to the store. I do not insist that anything is done to compensate me, but I do wish to inform you of what happened and the apparent frequency with which he says it happens, in hopes that this will help your customer services practices overall. Thank you for your time.

Edit: I just received this very prompt email:-

Hi [name],

Thank you for your time in writing this email to us, we take all emails very seriously.

I will personally visit & speak to the owner of the store & discuss the way in which you were spoken to, as this sort of thing should never happen.

Apologies for your experience & let me assure you this is not common place in our network of stores.

Warm regards,


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