whitedragon1983 (whitedragon1983) wrote in bad_service,

2 for 1

Wow, 2 bits of bad service all in one day.

Being the nice peon I am I went into the grocery store to grab about a billion things for my co-workers to eat and drink. I only had 5-6 things, so express lane I did traverse...

The cashier didn't greet me just scanned my things, whatever, but she slid them down the little counter-dealy and stares at me. I've already paid so I just take it as a hint to bag my own. (I'm not bothered if I have to do that) but halfway through it she snaps at me... "That's MY job, you know I could get FIRED for letting you do that!" Then unpacks what i did and smashes my cookies and pie in the bottom and sets my 2 liters on top. I cringe as she hands the bag to me then sigh. She's mashed my cookies and the pie is now mostly on the lid. "I need to see a manager, please." She just gawks at me then under her breath goes "OMG what a bitch" then dials him. He takes care of me and I'm on my way.

Gah... damn uppity teens (and I'm on 21 lol!)

the other bit came from the resturant we went to. The ones where you order the steak and cook it yourself. Well she's taking my orders and since I had been working most of the day I was hungry, and went for a 12 oz Ribeye (most of it is fat like me :D..) and she looks me up and down in a arrogant fashion and tells the meat guy a 6 oz... I correct her and she looks at me and goes, "Oh I don't think you need all that..." and then proceeds to take everyone elses. My father is a big guy, my uncle is a big guy, my cousin is a big guy and my mother is a big gal... but she didn't downsize them... I was pissed and looked at the meat guy who had snagged me a 12 oz anyway.

I'm not one for manners but you don't treat your guests that way!!!
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