XpaperplaneX (xpaperplanex) wrote in bad_service,

Boys only!

I'm considering getting a new desktop computer sometime soon, and I want to get a gaming machine. It's been years since I bought a PC, so I don't know for sure what I'm looking for, but since I'm not in any rush, I've just been browsing around and getting an idea of what sort of prices I'm looking at. I was at Future Shop the other day and decided to take a look at what they had. There were two machines that looked like what I'd want, so I was comparing the specs and taking a few notes when a helpful sales guy came over.

Me: Me!
HSG: Helpful Sales Guy

HSG: Those are strictly gaming machines, you know.
Me: Yes, I know.
HSG: You want to be looking at the computers down here. *gestures to the lower end models*
Me: ... No... I'm looking for a gaming machine.
HSG: You don't need something like this for simple games. What games do you play? (Note, this was said in an extremely patronizing tone of voice like he expected me to answer with Farmville.)
Me: Well, my current computers are pretty ancient, so I don't have many newer games, but I've got Skyrim running on my MacPro. I want something that can handle what I want to do a bit better.
HSG: *looks all skeptical* Skyrim's pretty resource intensive.
Me: *thinking* No shit, Sherlock. Especially when it's loaded up with mods. *out loud* Well, I'm just looking for now, thanks. *leave*
HSG: Don't you have any questions you want to ask???

I guess it's nice that he didn't want me to spend more money on something I might not need, but at least ask what I want to do before deciding what I do or don't need. Please? I shouldn't have to prove myself to some random guy in a shop before I'm allowed to buy a computer. And no, I don't have any questions I want to ask of a guy who treats me like a child.
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