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Direct Loans' website won't take my money

I know I shouldn't be shocked that the federal government has a terrible website, but I didn't expect it to tell me everything was fine and allow me to do something I can't do and not give any warning.

BG: I have student loans through Direct Loans and I had signed up for auto debit for a interest rate reduction and convenience. The site first of all will make it look like you're delinquent every month because it debits your bank account the day after the due date. This does not affect your loan status at all. Due to my bank charging insane fees for having a formerly free checking account (of 15 years) I switched banks.

Several months ago I changed my banking information on the DL website and it accepted and saved the new information, but kept using the old account. I deleted that one last month and put in my new account details again. I got an email saying I was losing my interest rate reduction as long as I don't have direct debit, but figured it would get reinstated after the next debit. This month I waited until 5 days after the due date and the bill was never paid, despite the website giving me a schedule with bank account information and the next debit date.

I called DL and spoke to a polite woman who seemed to think it was obvious I couldn't just change my bank account or sign up for direct debit on Income Based Repayment on the website that asks me to do so. Clearly I'm a moron because that policy completely makes sense! Duh! She told me I had to APPLY to get on direct debit again and that I was lucky since I was only 5 days late I wouldn't face any penalties if I paid right away manually. *headdesk*

There is no place anywhere on that awful new site that says I have to apply for the privilege of letting them have access to my bank account. It's so very frustrating since the system won't even give you an error, it just says everything is A-OK. I hope this saves someone a headache or fees in the future.
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